PP Three-dimensional Stereo Elastic Filler

PP three-dimensional stereo elastic filler for water treatment. Has been widely used in textile printing and dyeing, wool spinning, beer food, petrochemical fertilizer wastewater, medical and domestic sewage treatment, etc.

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Product Description
PP three-dimensional stereo elastic filler is a kind of high efficient water treatment process in purifying organic wastewater, whose most important part is the bio-membrane attached on the carrier(also called stuffing material). At present, it has been widely used in textile printing and dyeing, wool spinning, beer food, petrochemical fertilizer wastewater, medical and domestic sewage treatment, etc.
Explicit environmental, social and economic benefits. In recent years, as the demand for water supply has increased, and surface water such as river water and lake water has been subjected to large-area organic pollution to varying degrees, it has been treated by a contact oxidation process. Over the years, the process has been widely adopted by design departments due to its unique advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, small footprint, impact load resistance, and convenient operation and management. It has been well received by users.

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The three-dimensional stereo elastic fillers and the hybrid three-dimensional elastic fillers are the ideal carrier fillers of our factory through various conditions and a large number of tests and long-term productive operation results. Due to the unique structural form and excellent material selection of the elastic fillers, it has long service life, good oxygenation performance, low power consumption, quick start-up film, easy release of film, high load impact, remarkable treatment effect and operation. Simple management, no blockage, no agglomeration and low price. The filler can adjust the thickness and different assembly forms of the yarn when applied in different process water quality conditions, and is fully applicable to the anaerobic, anaerobic, aerobic treatment processes of various wastewaters.

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Product Features

The three-dimensional elastic filler screens several high-quality varieties of corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and aging resistance in polyolefins and polyamides. It is mixed with hydrophilic, adsorption, anti-heat and oxygen additives, special wire drawing and silk threading. The process inserts and fixes the thread on the corrosion-resistant and high-strength center rope. Due to the excellent material selection and process formula, the rigidity and flexibility are moderate, and the yarn is arranged in a uniform and uniform radial state, and the single body of the suspended three-dimensional elastic filler is prepared. The filler can be uniformly and uniformly stretched in the effective area, so that the gas, water and biofilm are fully infiltrated and exchanged, and the biofilm can not only be uniformly implanted on each thread, but also maintains good activity and Void variability, and can get more and more specific surface area during operation, and can carry out good metabolism, this feature and phenomenon is unmatched by other domestic fillers. 


Compared with the hard type honeycomb filler, the PP three-dimensional stereo elastic filler has large pore variability and no clogging; compared with the soft filler, the material has a long service life and a non-adhesive joint; compared with the semi-soft filler, the surface area is large and the film is fast. And the cost is low. Therefore, the filler can be confirmed as the fourth generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving novel filler after various hard fillers, soft fillers and semi-soft fillers.

Technical Parameters

PP Three-dimensional Stereo Elastic Filler
Specification (mm)Unit string (m)
Unit weight(Kg/m3)Film forming weight (Kg/m3)Specific Surface area (m2/m3)

Frame PartsMaterialSpecific GravityRupture PowerPull Extended Intensity ( Mpa )Continuous Heat Resistance TemperatureBrickle Temperature
Silk stripalkene( amic )0.93120N≥30800-100-15
Central rope

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