Stereo Elastic Filler For Water Treatment Environment

Stereo elastic filler for water treatment/ environment, specification diameter120mm,150mm,180mm,200mm.
Raw Material: Plastic
Color: White

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Product Details

Product Descriptions

Stereo elastic filler has good processing results of dealing with the living sewage of low concentration, printing and dyeing liquid water of mid-concentration, oiled waste water, food industry waste water of high concentration and chemical processing liquid water.
This product is widely used in anaerobic, oxygen-compatible and aerobic processing crafts.

Technical Parameters


Stereo Elastic Filler For Water Treatment Environment
Specification (mm)Unit string (m)
Unit weight(Kg/m3)Film forming weight (Kg/m3)Specific Surface area (m2/m3)


Frame PartsMaterialSpecific GravityRupture PowerPull Extended Intensity ( Mpa )Continuous Heat Resistance TemperatureBrickle Temperature
Silk stripalkene( amic )0.93120N≥30800-100-15
Central rope

Stereo Elastic Filler

Stereo Elastic Filler-1

Stereo Elastic Filler-2

Stereo Elastic Filler-3

Elastic Filler for Water Treatment

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