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Advantages of engineering application of moving bed bio filter media
- Dec 05, 2018 -

The moving bed bio filter media is a new type of bioactive carrier. It adopts scientific formula and combines different kinds of trace elements which are beneficial to the rapid growth of microorganisms in the polymer material according to different water quality requirements. After special process modification and structure It has the advantages of large specific surface area, good hydrophilicity, good fluidity, high biological activity, easy membrane hanging, good treatment effect and long service life.


When the sewage passes through the fluidized bed biological filtration packing reactor, the microorganisms in the water continuously adhere to the inner and outer surfaces of the fluidized bed packing to form a biofilm. The fluidized bed biofiltration filler is free to rotate under the tumbling of the mixture in the reactor, and the biofilm is in full contact with the pollutants in the water body and decomposed to purify the water. The turning of the mixed solution and the movement of the carrier are achieved by aerobic aeration or anaerobic stirring.


The moving bed bio filter media not only has high decarburization ability and superior deamination nitrogen effect; it has small floor space and strong anti-load impact capability; flexible application and application modes; low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance, and use Long life and economy. Directly in use, no need to fix, free movement in the aeration tank, no dead angle, good mass transfer; easy to hang membrane, high bioactivity of the membrane, no clogging, no need for backwashing, no need for sludge backflow.