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Applicability of MBBR biofilter media for wastewater treatment
- Nov 07, 2018 -

MBBR biofilter packing for wastewater treatment is one of the commonly used bio-fillers in wastewater treatment projects, also known as fluidized bed packing. As a place where microorganisms inhabit, this kind of bio-filler is a carrier of biofilm, which not only affects the growth, reproduction and shedding of organisms, but also is a key factor that directly affects the effect of sewage treatment.


The materials selected for MBBR biofilter media for wastewater treatment vary depending on the nature of the wastewater. Usually, high-quality copolymer materials are used to integrate a variety of trace elements which are beneficial to the rapid growth of microorganisms in the polymer material, and a special structure is adopted. The hollow filler structure has three hollow circular structures inside and outside, and is formed at one time.


Combined with the current application, MBBR biofilter packing for wastewater treatment has become an ideal choice for ammonia nitrogen removal, decarbonization and dephosphorization, sewage purification, water reuse, sewage deodorization, COD and BOD. The application industries involved include municipal, electric power, pharmaceutical, chemical, electroplating, metallurgy, medical, machinery, paper, printing and dyeing, food processing, and aquaculture.