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Application characteristics and structural advantages of plastic pall ring random packing
- Sep 27, 2018 -

The plastic pall ring random packing has the advantages of low pressure drop, large flux and high efficiency. It is mainly used in various separation, absorption, desorption devices, atmospheric and vacuum distillation units, synthetic amine decarburization, desulfurization systems, ethylbenzene separation, and isoxin. Separation of alkane and toluene. The structure of the random packing of the plastic Pall ring improves the gas-liquid distribution, and makes full use of the inner surface of the ring, and the treatment amount is obviously improved.


In chemical engineering, the plastic pall ring random packing refers to the inert solid material contained in the packed tower. The main function is to increase the gas-liquid contact surface and mix them strongly with each other. In chemical products, fillers, also known as fillers, refer to solid materials used to improve processability, mechanical properties, and/or cost.


The plastic pall ring random packing is an open-cell ring packing with the same height and high diameter. Due to the special structure, the gas and liquid dispersion in the packing layer is greatly improved compared with the Raschig ring, especially the inside and outside of the packing ring. It is easy to be wetted by liquid, so that the inner and outer surfaces can be fully applied.