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Application performance requirements for tube settler for wastewater treatment
- Nov 01, 2018 -

Inclined tube packing for wastewater treatment is usually made of PP or PVC. Inclined pipe packing is mainly used for water removal in water supply and drainage projects, industrial and domestic water sedimentation, sewage sedimentation, oil separation and tailings concentration treatment, and can also be used for old pool renovation. Main features: wet circumference, small hydraulic radius, layer The flow state is good and the particle precipitation is not disturbed by the flocculated water flow.


During the operation of the tube settler for wastewater treatment, the laminar flow state is good, and the particle sedimentation is not disturbed by the turbulent flow, which can accelerate the separation of the particles from the water and shorten the precipitation distance of the particles. Especially for the transformation of water plants and wastewater treatment projects, the benefits are better.


In the wastewater treatment work, there are certain requirements for the performance of the tube settler for wastewater treatment: 1. Hydraulic characteristics. It requires large specific surface area, high porosity, hydraulic Yangtong, low resistance, uniform flow rate; 2. Biofilm adhesion. Have a certain biofilm adsorption performance; 3, chemical and biological stability. Requires durability and is insoluble in harmful substances, and will not cause secondary pollution; 4. Economical. The combination filler is required to be cheap and has a wide supply of goods, which is convenient for transportation and installation.