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Characteristics and advantages of ceramic Pall ring packing
- Jan 23, 2019 -

The ceramic Pall ring packing is a new kind of packing. The main difference between it and the Raschig ring packing is that there are rectangular window holes on the side walls, and the window leaves of the window holes are bent into the ring core, and the gas is caused by the opening of the ring wall. The distribution properties of the liquid are greatly improved compared to the Raschig ring, especially the inner surface area of the ring can be fully utilized.

Characteristics of ceramic Pall ring packing

Due to the opening of the ring wall, the Pall ring greatly improves the utilization of the inner space of the ring and the inner surface of the ring, and the air flow resistance is small, and the liquid distribution is uniform. It has the advantages of large flux, low resistance, high separation efficiency and large operational flexibility. Under the same pressure reduction, the treatment capacity can be more than 50% larger than the Lacy ring.


Compared with the Raschig ring, this kind of packing has the characteristics of large production capacity, strong resistance and large operation flexibility. Under normal circumstances, the treatment can be 50%-100% larger than the Raschig ring, and the pressure drop ratio is also treated. The Raschig ring is 50%-70% smaller, the gas flux of the Bauer ring can be increased by more than 50%, and the mass transfer equipment efficiency is increased by about 30%. The Pall ring is a widely used filler.