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Characteristics and performance of polyhedral hollow ball
- Feb 04, 2019 -

Polyhedral hollow ball performance
The multi-faceted hollow ball has high gas velocity, many blades, low resistance, large specific surface area, and can fully solve the gas-liquid exchange; it has the advantages of small resistance and large operation flexibility.

Polyhedral hollow ball structure
A spherical shape is formed by two hemispheres, and each hemisphere has 8-12 semi-fan-shaped blades. The fan blades of the two hemispheres are staggered from each other. The central portion of the multi-faceted hollow ball has a reinforcing ring along the entire circumference, and the blades are evenly distributed on the surface. . The upper and lower bulbs are interlaced and arranged radially along the central axis.

Characteristics of multi-faceted hollow spheres
1. High gas velocity, many blades and low resistance.
2. Large specific surface area can fully solve the gas-liquid exchange;
3. Multi-faceted hollow spheres have the characteristics of large production capacity, low resistance and large operational flexibility.
4. A processing device that is light in weight, high in strength, large in free space, high in temperature resistance, corrosion resistant, good in surface hydrophilicity, small in wind resistance, low in power consumption, large in specific surface area, and suitable for various solvents.