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Characteristics and technical core of active biological filter media
- Sep 05, 2018 -

As a new kind of bioactive carrier, active biological filter media has great advantages in practical application. The product adopts scientific formula and combines the properties of different sewages to fuse a variety of micro-materials which are beneficial to the rapid growth of microorganisms. The element is modified and constructed by a special process. Bioactive fillers have the advantages of large specific surface area, good hydrophilicity and long service life.


The main features of active biological filter media: 1, using special formula and advanced processing, can accelerate the film hanging; 2, effective specific surface area, bio-attachment; 3, relying on biofilm treatment, can save sludge reflux; Efficient decarbonization and removal of ammonia nitrogen, good effluent quality; 5, low energy consumption, saving land and shortening the process.


The core of active biological filter media technology: The product is designed according to the hydrodynamic design geometry, which significantly improves the surface adhesion ability, and the filler has a large specific surface area and a large amount of attached biomass. It does not require a bracket during use, is easy to fluidize, and saves energy. Reduce costs; in addition, by increasing the filling rate to improve processing capacity and effectiveness, there is no need to add new structures.