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Chevron vane type mist eliminator features and design requirements
- Sep 17, 2018 -

In practical applications, the chevron vane type mist eliminator has the characteristics of simple structure, easy rinsing, etc., and the user feels very convenient to use. Moreover, it has high capture efficiency for medium and large size droplets, low pressure drop, and is particularly convenient for maintenance and low cost.


During the structural design process, it should be ensured that the flushing water pipe of the chevron vane type mist eliminator can meet the normal working pressure requirements and ensure the normal service life. Moreover, the flushing water pipe can satisfy the working conditions in the absorption tower, including the slightly acidic gas environment and the flue gas containing some particulate matter. At the same time, the flushing tubes, nozzles and components should be able to prevent cracking and corrosion under the conditions of corrosion, heat and abrasive slurry of the absorber. Pipes should be easy to disassemble and combine.


In addition, the design of each component in the chevron vane type mist eliminator, including the demister flushing water master pipe, the branch pipe and the link member of the nozzle, should have sufficient strength and can withstand the pressure of the demister re-pump, and It can prevent vibration under actual operating conditions.