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Comparison of application advantages of three-dimensional elastic filler
- Oct 31, 2018 -

The three-dimensional elastic filler is mainly used for sewage and wastewater treatment projects, and can be used in combination with equipment such as contact oxidation tower and oxidation tank oxidation tank. It is a biological carrier for treating wastewater by biological contact oxidation method and anaerobic fermentation method. The three-dimensional elastic filler is usually selected from several kinds of high-quality varieties of corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and aging resistance in polyolefins and polyamides, and mixed with hydrophilic, adsorption, anti-heat and other additives.


At the same time, this three-dimensional elastic filler is produced by a special manufacturing process. In practical applications, it can uniformly and uniformly spread the full-width in the effective area, so that the gas, water and biofilm can be fully mixed and exchanged, and the biofilm can not only be uniformly implanted on each thread. Maintains good activity and void variability, and can achieve a larger specific surface area during operation, and can carry out good metabolism.


According to the actual application situation, the three-dimensional elastic filler can make the sewage, air and biofilm get a sufficient mixed contact exchange, which has high heat dissipation performance, low resistance, good water distribution and gas distribution performance, easy long film and cutting bubbles. effect.