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Degradation treatment method of bio filter mediaand
- Dec 27, 2018 -

The biological filter filler is mainly made of polypropylene polymer in the process of production, and is added with different functions such as hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity, flame retardancy, heat resistance, frost resistance and aging resistance. The agent is heated and melted to form a porous network-like monolithic structure filler formed by welding the yarns to each other. The Water Pollution Control Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center conducted experiments on membrane and treatment effects, and concluded that “the bio-filler has good membrane characteristics. The bio-filler in the reactor can significantly increase the biomass and achieve good results. COD removal effect.


The bio filter mediahas the characteristics of large aeration and a large amount of air, long service life and no replacement, and is widely used in the field of sewage treatment, especially in the difficult-to-handle sewage such as printing and dyeing plant sewage, chemical plant sewage, hospital sewage treatment and the like. . It has been used for more than ten years and has been widely praised by users.


In today's high labor costs, not replacing is the most favorable factor to reduce costs, especially in the case of buried sewage treatment, and achieved very good results. At present, the state promotes the construction of new countryside, improves the living standards of farmers, and improves the living environment in rural areas. The new level of awareness mentioned in rural sewage treatment. Most of the rural sewage treatment adopts the underground biodegradation treatment method.