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Design features of kaldnes K1 Bio filter media
- Dec 03, 2018 -

Kaldnes K1 biological filter packing is a new type of microbial carrier. It is scientifically formulated and modified by special process. It has a large surface area, good hydrophilicity, strong impact resistance, easy membrane hanging, and biological activity. High, good water treatment cycle and other advantages.


Kaldnes K1 biological filter packing is designed according to the hydrodynamic design geometry and enhanced surface adhesion; the specially designed geometric configuration has a huge effective specific surface area; the filler is made of polymer material and modified to have strong impact resistance; Advanced surface treatment technology is more conducive to the attachment and growth of microorganisms, providing a strong guarantee for the filtration and circulation of fish pond water.


The large specific surface area of Kaldnes K1 biological filter packing provides support for the growth of a large number of microorganisms; it is beneficial to the growth of various microorganisms and nitrifying bacteria, EM bacteria, filamentous bacteria and other beneficial bacteria to provide biological nitrogen removal for circulating water. Phosphorus lays a solid foundation.


The proper specific gravity makes the Kaldnes K1 biological filter packing in a suspended state, which minimizes the energy consumption; increases the impact and cutting of the bubbles, and under the same conditions, the aeration can be reduced by more than 10%. General filter materials require regular cleaning and refurbishment maintenance, while Kaldnes K1 biofilter fillers generally do not require cleaning and refurbishment after cycling. They can be used repeatedly and have a service life of more than 10 years.