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Function and selection requirements of elastic filler for anoxic tank
- Oct 10, 2018 -

The so-called anoxic pool refers to a structure that is insufficient or has no aeration and a small amount of pollutants, and is suitable for aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. Different oxygen environments have different microbial groups, and microorganisms change behaviors when the environment changes, thus achieving the purpose of removing different pollutants. In order to achieve the corresponding treatment effect, we need to add an appropriate amount of elastic filler for the anoxic tank.


The main purpose of adding these elastic filler for anoxic tank is to achieve hydrolysis and acidification. Usually, the elastic filler (50 to 60 cm from the bottom of the pool) can be added in the pool, and the packing density spacing is about 20 minutes. In the lower layer of the packing, it is necessary to increase the submersible mixer, so as to prevent the sludge from sinking and the sludge to be suspended, and the hydrolysis and acidification are not obtained.


Considering the environmental conditions of the anoxic tank, in general, when selecting the elastic filler for anoxic tank, attention should be paid to the use of a three-dimensional elastic filler, and the diameter of the packing unit should be 15 mm.