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Helix Floating Bio Media Features
- Oct 15, 2018 -

The Helix Floating Bio Media has the shape of spiral shape, has the advantages of fast film hanging, strong decontamination ability, strong shape retention ability, strong resistance to water quality fluctuation, and the like, and has high efficiency of denitrification and phosphorus removal. The spiral floating bio-filler is machined from special fibers with strong water and good sludge adhesion properties.


At present, this spiral floating bio-filler is mainly used for wastewater treatment new engineering engineering transformation, and can also be widely used in printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, wool spinning, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, papermaking, painting and other wastewater treatment, domestic sewage treatment, also It is suitable for the repair of micro-sewage fields such as lakes, rivers and landscape water.


The spiral floating bio-filler has a reasonable structure and exquisite production process. It has fully demonstrated its excellent performance and characteristics in the application. The product can be used in various combinations and types, and can adapt to various water quality concentrations, membrane environment and process conditions. Moreover, a large number of microorganisms can be maintained continuously, the biofilm is well metabolized, the membrane is quickly released, the membrane is easily renewed, and the membrane is not blocked.