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Introduction to Mist Eliminator
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Mist Eliminator is an important part of Desulfurization Tower. The function of Mist Eliminator is to capture the mist particles and slurry droplets entrained in the process of spray absorption. The efficiency of the Mist eliminator is not only related to the structure of the body but also to the heavy and particle size of the mist particles, and the atomization particle size of the nozzle is related to the viscosity of the absorbent liquid, the spray claw force and the nozzle structure.

The performance of mist eliminator and the diameter of the mist particle are good enough to achieve good mist removal effect. If the mist is not good, the flue gas entrainment slurry will be brought to the downstream equipment, such as the gas heater, induced fan (industrial boiler desulfurization commonly used), flue, and then cause blockage, induced by the serious vibration of the fan, Jeong-road Yan Ying Corrosion, scaling, etc., and thus forced to stop.