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Introduction to the basic knowledge of K1 pond filter media
- Dec 24, 2018 -

The diameter of the K1 pond filter media is 10mm. It is characterized by good quality and easy maintenance. Because the filter material is constantly churning, the garbage will not be adsorbed; it is enough to clean the bottom water only by regular draining. The air pump for the K1 pond filter media does not need to be too large, as long as the filler can be tumbled up and down slowly in the water; but it should not be too small, otherwise it is not conducive to new biological growth. This current ratio needs to be adjusted by itself according to the degree of water pollution.


It is best to use fine small bubbles to turn the water in all directions. The K1 pond filter media can also cut the bubbles smaller; slow the flow rate of the pool water, and allow the pool water to stay as much as possible in the K1 pond filter media tank for biochemical treatment. In fact, it increases the concentration of active microorganisms in the pool, but can always be on the high-speed growth-treatment line, and the water conditions will naturally become better.


Under the same volume, the static pressure loss of 40c/o~50c/o can be reduced. The volume can be reduced by 35c/o~50c/o under the same pressure drop, and the material transfer coefficient is high, and the treatment efficiency is 26c/o higher than other types of filler. ~35c/o; its material can be used for PVC, PP, CPVC.