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Kaldnes K1 and K3 pond filter media range
- Nov 12, 2018 -

The Kaldnes K1 and K3 pond filter packings are designed with a unique geometry to ensure a large specific surface area. The filler is made of polyethylene material and modified by polymer materials, which has strong load resistance. Advanced surface treatment technology is more conducive to the growth of microbes, providing a strong guarantee for fish pond water filtration, aquaculture water filtration, marine water filtration and circulation.


The applicable processes and scope of Kaldnes K1 and K3 pond filter media are as follows:

Firstly, in the fluidized bed biofilm reactor system, it can help to remove common pollutants in wastewater, even nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. The process equipment is simple, flexible, land occupation, convenient to operate, and can be used alone. Can be used in series or in parallel.


Kaldnes K1 and K3 pond filter media can effectively increase the load and improve the treatment effect, especially to improve the existing activated sludge process to remove BOD/COD and dephosphorization and nitrogen removal. It is currently widely used in fish ponds or high purity aquarium filtration and circulation systems.