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Lamella inclined plate clarifier use and structure
- Nov 19, 2018 -

As a high-efficiency solid and liquid continuous sedimentation equipment, the lamella inclined plate clarifier is the main device for realizing the treatment of solid particle suspensions in the chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, machinery and mining industries. Sheet slant clarifiers can be used for clarification or concentration, as well as for the purification of sewage. In the industrial production of calcium carbonate, it is mainly used for the enrichment of carbonized slurry and centrifuge filtrate.


From the structural point of view, the lamella inclined plate clarifier is composed of twelve sets of stainless steel thin plates which are embedded in the inner part of the cylinder and which are inclined at a certain angle with the horizontal inclination, and which are arranged at a certain distance between the plates, and which are arranged in parallel. Clearing zone for liquid separation. The device has the characteristics of high efficiency, small footprint and continuous operation.


In practical applications, the solid suspension to be treated enters the slurry from the top into the lamella inclined plate clarifier, and the slurry is drained from the central guide to the lower part of the clarifier, and the slurry rises from the inside of the clarifier. , complete the process of enrichment and clarification. The clear liquid is led out from the top side nozzle and the thick slurry is discharged from the bottom nozzle. The bottom of the cone is provided with a scraper agitator, which prevents sticking of the wall due to the thick slurry at the bottom.