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Main uses and advantages of bio-ball filter media for aquarium fish pond
- Nov 05, 2018 -

Bio-ball filter media for aquarium fish pond is currently widely used in villa fish pond biosphere community garden fish ponds, aquariums, water plants, water treatment projects, filtration water, and its main use is to provide better nitrifying bacteria. The growth environment has good hydrophobic properties and can improve the dissolved oxygen content.


In these practical applications, biosphere filter packings for aquarium fish ponds have fully utilized their own good performance. It not only resists acid and alkali, resists aging, but also is not affected by water flow during use. It has long service life, biodegradation of products, minimal residual sludge, direct delivery, no need to be fixed, and convenient to use.


At the same time, it can maintain good chemical and biological stability, not only to maintain effective use for a long time, but also the biological ball filter packing used in the aquarium fish pond has a large specific surface area, high porosity, no harmful substances, and no secondary pollution. It has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, strong hydrophilicity, etc. In the process of use, microorganisms are easy to generate, easy to replace, less residual sludge, and easy to install.