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Plastic lamella tube settlers installation steps
- Dec 10, 2018 -

The first step of installing the plastic lamella tube settlers is to install the mud discharging pipe at the bottom of the sedimentation tank. Firstly, the installation of the bottommost mud discharging pipe system is completed to ensure that the opening of the mud discharging pipe meets the design requirements and is firmly fixed. Go to the next installation process.


According to the installation drawing of the plastic sheet inclined tube packing bracket, first install the packing bracket in place, slanting board packing, check all the welded joints firmly, the strength of the bracket is enough to bear the weight of the packing, and complete the anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of the bracket; The method of ironing is to pack each plastic sheet inclined tube packing as a single ironing unit. The inclined tube packing and one unit are 1m2 after the hot joining, and the stacking is neatly stacked on the field after the hot joining is completed.


The hot-filled packing unit is assembled from left to right in the upper part of the packing bracket. Always keep the 60° angle unchanged. Each unit should be properly pressed when assembled in sequence. If the size is not right when assembled to the rightmost side, it needs to be assembled according to the size of the loose tube filler material and assembled until all are in place.


Since the inclined plastic lamella tube settlers has a specific gravity of 0.92 which is slightly smaller than water, it needs to be pulled from the left to the right direction of the round steel in the tank after the assembly in the tank. The inclined plate filler and the round steel are at the sedimentation tank wall. Reliable fixing, it can be very good after installing round steel.