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Plastic polyhedral hollow bio ball product characteristics
- Sep 12, 2018 -

The plastic polyhedral hollow bio ball is a new type of filler in the water treatment industry. The structure of the product is reasonable and the performance is very good. At present, the biochemical fillers required for environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment projects are increasingly using plastic multi-faceted hollow biospheres, and have been applied to chemical, chemical fiber, electronics, papermaking, fertilizer production, desalination, degassing in industries such as desalination. , purification, decarbonation, oil and water separation and other processing equipment.


In actual production, the plastic polyhedral hollow bio ball is made of polypropylene plastic and has a reinforcing ring along the entire circumference of the ball. There are twelve lobes on the upper and lower sides of the ring, which are arranged radially along the central axis. Applicable to carbon dioxide degassing towers, contact reaction towers and other devices.


So far, plastic polyhedral hollow bio balls have been widely used in environmental protection equipment such as chlorine, oxygen and carbon dioxide. The plastic multi-faceted hollow biological ball has high gas velocity, many blades, small resistance, large specific surface area, and can fully solve the characteristics of gas-liquid exchange, and the resistance is small and the operation flexibility is large.