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Practical effect sharing of bio PAC media for effluent treatment
- Nov 08, 2018 -

The biological PAC filler is used in sewage treatment and has superior performance in decolorization, purification, deodorization, purification and impurity removal. In particular, the adsorption of heavy metals is very strong. It has a good adsorption effect on most heavy metals such as phenol, mercury, lead, arsenic, etc., which endanger human survival and damage the environment. Therefore, it has great use in domestic and industrial water.


When the bio PAC media for effluent treatment, it first has the adsorption and enrichment effect on small molecular organic matter, which is beneficial to the growth of microorganisms and the decomposition of micro-polluted small molecules organic matter. Secondly, it has good adsorption and protection for microorganisms.


In addition, the biological PAC filler has the adsorption effect on dissolved oxygen in the sewage treatment. As the diameter of the activated carbon particles becomes smaller, the specific surface area increases, and the adsorption of dissolved oxygen by PAC becomes stronger. Through the protection of microorganisms by PAC, the microorganisms can effectively use trace organic pollutants as substrates, dissolve oxygen as electron acceptors, and decompose organic substances in micro-polluted water bodies to achieve deep purification of water quality.