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Reasons for the wide application of MBBR Bio PAC Media
- Dec 06, 2018 -

MBBR Bio PAC Media is made of high-quality copolymer material. According to different nature of sewage, a variety of trace elements which are beneficial to the rapid growth of microbes in the polymer material are integrated. The special structure is composed of three layers of hollow circles inside and outside. There are 1 rib in the circle and 36 ribs outside. After many researches and developments, it is molded once.


When the sewage passes through the carrier reactor, the microorganisms in the water continuously adhere to the inner and outer surfaces of the carrier to form a biofilm. The carrier rotates freely under the tumbling of the mixture in the reactor, and the biofilm is in full contact with the pollutants in the water body and decomposed to purify the water; the tumbling of the mixture and the movement of the carrier rely on aerobic aeration or anaerobic stirring. The form is implemented.


MBBR Bio PAC Media uses special modified formula and processing technology to accelerate the filler film, adding specific trace amount and special surface treatment process to the carrier, prompting the rapid growth of microorganisms in the water body. Reproduction and formation of biological rice, the difference in the progress of different water quality and conditions, generally only 3-15 days, the fastest is only 1 day.


MBBR Bio PAC Media has a large specific surface area, which provides support for the growth of a large number of microorganisms; it is beneficial to the growth of various microorganisms, not only provides space for the growth of heterotrophic bacteria, but also creates conditions for the growth of autotrophic bacteria. Nitrogen and phosphorus removal laid a solid foundation.


In addition, superior decarburization, deaminating nitrogen capacity; excellent load shock resistance; flexible and diverse engineering applications; simple operation and maintenance conditions, no need for brackets, easy fluidization, energy saving; no need for brackets, and can be omitted The advantages of sludge recirculation, avoiding sludge expansion, floating and loss problems, and convenient operation and maintenance make it widely used.