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Special structure and high processing efficiency of MBBR bio media
- Jan 28, 2019 -

MBBR bio media is mainly made of high-quality copolymer materials when used. It will not degrade when it is immersed in wastewater for a long time, and it will not be toxic to microorganisms. It is better than other materials such as polyvinyl chloride. The special structure, hollow packing structure has three layers of hollow circles inside and outside, each circle has one rib and 36 ribs outside. After many research and development success, it adopts one molding.

The high specific surface area of the MBBR bio media, the common microbial surface area is 90-180, the hollow filler has a specific surface area of 600, and the double specific area is up to 860. Due to the high specific surface area, the biomass per unit volume is high. , can achieve the purpose of short hydraulic retention time.

MBBR bio media microorganisms have high activity. The microbial membrane grown on the surface of the filler collides due to fluidization of the filler. Aeration scouring makes the microorganisms in a logarithmic growth period with high activity and high treatment efficiency. The hollow packing is floating type, easy to replace and long in service life.