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Stereo elastic filler is an ideal carrier filler
- Nov 21, 2018 -

The three-dimensional elastic filler is an ideal carrier filler which can be achieved in practical applications. Due to the unique structural form of the three-dimensional elastic filler and excellent material process selection, it has long service life, good oxygenation performance, low power consumption, fast start-up film, easy release of film, high load impact, and remarkable treatment effect. It has the advantages of simple operation and management, no blockage, no agglomeration and low price.


In different process water quality applications, the stereo elastic fillercan achieve good results. Users can fully adapt to the anaerobic, anaerobic and aerobic treatment processes of various wastewaters by adjusting the thickness of the yarn and different assembly forms.


In order to ensure the application effect, in terms of material selection, the three-dimensional elastic filler is specially made of polyolefin, and has high-quality plastic filler with corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and aging resistance. The special structure of the thread, so that the specific surface area after the film is doubled, and the film is released, the film is easy to be biofilm active. At the same time, the three-dimensional elastic filler also has the performance of high temperature load shock resistance, the treatment effect is remarkable, the operation and management are convenient, no blockage, no agglomeration.