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Structure and application effect of metal pall ring random packing
- Nov 26, 2018 -

In the process of processing, the metal pall ring random packing random packing is made of metal sheet punching, and the ring wall is provided with two rows of window holes with inner tongues, and each row of windows has five tongues bent into the ring. Inside, pointing to the center of the ring, almost at the center, the positions of the upper and lower windows are staggered from each other. Generally, the total area of the holes is about 35% of the entire ring area.


Because of its structural improvement, the internal gas and liquid distribution and mass transfer performance of the metal pall ring random packing random packing have been significantly improved. This new type of packing features low pressure drop, high throughput and high efficiency. It has a lower pressure drop and higher quality efficiency, and the liquid distribution in the packing layer is good.


Combined with the actual application effect, the metal pall ring random packing random packing can not only achieve higher separation efficiency, but also has large flux, low resistance and large operation flexibility. It has been widely used in various separation, absorption and desorption devices. Atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, ammonia decarburization, desulfurization system, separation of B, isooctane / separation.