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Technical performance and product characteristics of plastic multi-aspect hollow ball
- Dec 13, 2018 -

From the structural point of view, the plastic multi-aspect hollow ball is mainly composed of two hemispheres, and each hemisphere is composed of a plurality of semi-fan-shaped blades, and the upper and lower blades are arranged in a staggered manner. plastic multi-aspect hollow balls have a larger specific surface area than other spherical fillers. For sewage treatment, power plant de CO2, desulfurization and water purification tower filling.
plastic multi-aspect hollow ball is a new type of high-efficiency tower packing widely used in water treatment equipment. It is often used in de-carbonization, decarbonation, oil-water separation, seawater desalination, pure water and wastewater treatment in electric power, chemical, papermaking and environmental protection industries. Used in devices such as. The design principle is advanced, the structure is reasonable, the performance is stable, and the use effect is ideal. It is suitable for the filling of devices of various water treatment equipments.
Compared with other similar fillers, plastic multi-aspect hollow balls have high gas velocity, many blades and low resistance; large specific surface area can fully solve the gas-liquid exchange; at the same time, the product has large production capacity, small resistance and large operational flexibility. . In addition, the plastic multi-directional hollow ball has the advantages of light weight, high strength, free space, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good surface hydrophilicity, small wind resistance, low power consumption, large specific surface area and adaptability to various solvents.