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Temperature control and packaging requirements for PP lamella clarifier
- Jan 14, 2019 -

When the PP lamella clarifier is operated, it is necessary to open the inclined tube packing package, place the first inclined tube packing on the ground, take the second inclined tube packing on the first piece of packing, and inspect the incision of the inclined tube packing. It must be ensured at a 60° angle and in a hexagonal honeycomb shape. After the inspection is correct, the bonding point is started.

All the flat joints of the PP lamella clarifier at the two ends of the inclined tube packing should be ironed. The two plane joints on both sides are required to be ironed more than four points. In the middle of the two inclined tube packing planes, more than four points are required to ensure welding. Pay attention to the operation rhythm when ironing, control the temperature, and the number of hot points should not be missed.

Each inclined tube packing of the PP lamella clarifier is used as a separate ironing unit. After the hot joining is completed, it is piled up neatly on the site; the middle of the break must be cut off the power supply of the soldering iron, and it should be safely placed; pay attention to life when the joint is hot. Safe, prevent burns and electric shock.