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The basic design idea of ​​moving bed biofilm reactor
- Sep 03, 2018 -

The moving bed biofilm reactor belongs to a new type of biofilm reactor. The special feature of this reactor is that it can flexibly solve the problem that the fixed bed reactor needs to be backwashed regularly, the fluidized bed needs to be fluidized, and the submerged type. The biofilter clogging requires cleaning of the filter material and the complicated operation of replacing the aerator.


In order to achieve such application requirements, in the structural design of the moving bed biofilm reactor, the basic design idea is to require continuous operation, no clogging, no backwashing, small head loss and large specific surface area. This can be achieved by growing the biofilm on a smaller carrier unit, which is free to move with the water flow in the reactor.


Typically, the moving bed biofilm reactor is constructed in a rectangular or cylindrical configuration. The rectangular parallelepiped reactor is evenly divided into several grids or non-divided by partitions along the length of the pool. In general, the water flow is in a push-flow state in the reactor, and in each cell, the water flow is completely mixed due to the exposure airflow. Some reactors not only have an aeration device installed at the bottom of the tank, but also have a stirring device.