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The good performance of plastic multi-faceted hollow sphere is fully reflected in practical applications.
- Nov 22, 2018 -

Plastic multi-faceted hollow ball is widely used in water treatment equipment. It is a kind of high-efficiency filler. It is mainly made of polypropylene plastic injection into ball. It is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, stable performance, light weight and high strength. It is easy to install and suitable for carbon dioxide. Deoxidation tower and contact reaction tower, intermediate water tank and other devices.


Plastic multi-faceted hollow spheres have many advantages in practical applications. They have been widely used in electric power, chemical industry, papermaking, environmental protection, etc., and are suitable for decarbonization, decarbonation, oil and water in environmental protection equipment such as chlorine removal, oxygen removal and carbon dioxide removal. Separation, desalination, pure water, wastewater, waste gas treatment and other devices are also very good use.


The plastic multi-faceted hollow sphere has large operation flexibility, convenient installation and maintenance, and the upper and lower bulbs are interlaced and arranged radially along the central axis. The product has high gas velocity, many blades, low resistance and large specific surface area, which can fully solve the gas-liquid exchange. Especially in the exhaust gas purification, desulfurization, decarbonation gas, wastewater treatment and other industries have been widely used.