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The Role and Principle of The Vane Demister Pad for Gas and Liquid Separations
- Sep 19, 2018 -

In the vane type mist eliminator, it is mainly composed of a sheet piece, a supporting device, and the like. The blade demister pad for gas and liquid separation is usually made of two kinds of materials: polymer material (such as polypropylene PP, FRP, etc.) or stainless steel (such as 316L, 317L, etc.). Generally divided into streamlined and polyline type.


When we use this type of mist eliminator, considering that the device is a device that removes water mist, the material chosen should be suitable. In particular, the problem of anti-corrosion of vane defogging mats for gas and liquid separation should be considered, and work requirements should be considered. The role of the mist eliminator is to reduce the amount of water mist and water droplets in the gas. If the strength is not enough, it may fall off during operation.


In addition, in the maintenance work, it should be ensured that the vane defogging mat for gas and liquid separation has reliable performance, good sealing effect, no air leakage, no water leakage and safe operation. The mist eliminator should be cleaned for a long time and flushed according to the normal regulations. The circulating pump flushing water gate should be replaced in time. The inner leakage of the flushing water valve should be cleaned in time, and the mixed flue leak point should be treated in time.