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The role and volatilization of plastic tower packing media
- Jan 17, 2019 -

The plastic tower packing media is used as an additive in its use, mainly by its occupation of volume. Due to the presence of the filler, the molecular chain of the matrix material can no longer occupy the entire space, so that the connected segments can be made in some sort The degree is fixed and may cause the orientation of the matrix polymer. Due to the dimensional stability of the filler, the molecular chain motion in the polymer interface region is limited in the filled polymer, and the glass transition temperature is increased, the heat distortion temperature is increased, the shrinkage rate is lowered, and the elastic modulus, hardness, rigidity, The impact strength is increased.

The role of plastic tower packing media

1. Reduce the shrinkage of the molded parts, improve the dimensional stability of the product during use, and the surface finish, smoothness, and flatness or mattness of the product.

2. A regulator of effective resin viscosity.

3. It can meet different performance requirements, improve wear resistance, improve conductivity and thermal conductivity, etc. Most fillers can improve the impact strength and compressive strength of materials, but can not improve the tensile strength.

4. Can improve the coloring effect of the pigment.

5. Some fillers have excellent light stability and chemical resistance.