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The uniqueness of plastic pall ring packing
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Plastic pall ring packing belongs to a new type of packing, which has the advantages of large flux, low resistance, high separation efficiency and large operational flexibility. The plastic Pall ring packing is an eight-layer rectangular small window on the wall of a common Raschig ring. The small window blades are placed at the center of the ring, and the upper and lower layers are placed at the same position.


The main difference from the Raschig ring packing is that a rectangular window hole is arranged on the side wall of the plastic Pall ring packing, and the window leaf of the window hole is bent into the center of the ring, and the distribution performance of gas and liquid is compared due to the opening of the ring wall. The Raschig ring is greatly improved, especially the inner surface area of the ring can be fully utilized. Under the same pressure reduction, the latter's processing capacity is significantly better than the former.


When the throughput is the same, the pressure drop of the plastic pall ring packing can be reduced by one-half, and the mass transfer efficiency can be increased by about one-fifth. In the same treatment, the pressure drop is 50%-70% smaller than that of the Laxi ring, and the tower height is also reduced in pressure. The Pall ring can be about 20%-40% of the packing volume than the Laxi ring. The plastic Pall ring packing is mainly used for a carbon dioxide degassing tower, an ozone contact reaction tower, etc. as a contact filler and other reaction towers.