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Development Of Inclined Tube Filler
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The basic principle of sedimentation of honeycomb inclined tube filler is "shallow sediment". This concept has been put forward very early, and there has been a report on the use of oblique tubes to accelerate blood deposition in medical data. In recent decades, many water supply and sewerage workers in various countries have been trying to explore the application of "shallow sedimentation", through practice and theoretical research, the development of honeycomb inclined tube filler sedimentation technology has been obtained, from which we can see a lot of related discussion about shallow deposition, through the analysis of these data,

We can see from the concept of shallow sedimentation to develop the process of multi-layer and honeycomb inclined tube filler technology. As early as 1880, there were several commercial products of gravity layered sedimentation equipment in the UK. 1889 Feng Bel (von "Beohtolsheim") and Laval (Delaval) have proposed the "thin layer distribution" of the concept of sedimentation and according to this design of the honeycomb inclined tube filler sedimentation equipment.