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Honeycomb Inclined Tube Filler
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Honeycomb filler has oblique pipe and straight pipe two kinds, material has PP, PVC, FRP three kinds.

Inclined pipe is mainly used in water supply and drainage works in sand removal, industrial and domestic water precipitation, sewage precipitation, oil and tailings enrichment treatment, can also be used in the old tank transformation, the main features: Wet week, small hydraulic radius, good laminar flow state, particle precipitation is not affected by flocculation flow. Straight tubes are used in Tower Biofilter, high load biological filter and submerged biofilter (also known as contact oxidation pool), as well as the microbial carrier of biological turntable, mainly for industrial organic wastewater, municipal sewage biochemical treatment, treatment efficiency is higher than activated sludge pool, the area is small, aeration strength is lower than activated sludge, and does not require sludge reflux

The sludge volume is small and adaptable, which greatly reduces the processing workload after dewatering of sludge.