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Installation Of Inclined Tube Filler
- Aug 13, 2018 -

1, sedimentation tank bottom mud pipe installation

Inclined tube sedimentation tank installation sequence generally starting from the bottom, the first to complete the bottom of the mud pipe system installation, to ensure that the discharge of mud pipe to meet the design requirements, fixed solid, check correct, before allowing into the next installation process.

2. Complete the installation of filler bracket

According to the installation construction drawing of the filler bracket of the inclined tube sedimentation tank, the filler bracket is installed in place first, check all the welded joints are reliable, the support strength is enough to withstand the filler weight, and finish the anti-corrosion treatment on the bracket surface;

3, the completion of oblique tube filler hot connection

According to the hot connection method of the inclined tube filler, each inclined tube packing is used as a separate hot connection unit, a unit completes the hot connection after the 1m2, after the hot connection completes in the field neatly stacking (retains a small amount of scattered pieces to spare).

4, inclined tube packing pool assembly The filler unit after scalding is assembled from left to right in the upper part of the filler bracket.

Always keep the 60° angle unchanged, each unit in order to assemble the appropriate pressure, assembled to the rightmost if the size is not appropriate, need to be based on the size of the bulk of the pipe filler hot after the assembly until all in place.

5, inclined tube filler upper fixed As the proportion of inclined tube filler is less than 0.92, the inclined tube filler in the pool after assembling in place need to pull up from the left to right direction of the 10mm round bar for reinforcement (each unit of the upper part of the packing requires two round steel pass), round steel at both ends of the sedimentation pool wall on the reliable

After the installation of round bar can be very good to prevent the inclined tube filler in the initial use of the loose floating phenomenon may occur, round steel using epoxy coal tar asphalt anti-corrosion.

6. Operation and commissioning of inclined tube sedimentation tank

(1), check whether the water is uniform, not to the sedimentation tank impact, affect the sedimentation effect;

(2), adjust the height and level of the water Weir groove to fit, keep the effluent evenly; (3), through the above construction process, this inclined tube sedimentation tank packing has been completed.

After normal operation, it is necessary to determine the discharging cycle according to the concentration of suspended solids in the influent, pay attention to discharging the mud in time, and ensure that the inclined tube sedimentation tank always maintains a good running state and satisfactory effluent quality.