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Overview Of Elastic Filler
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Several types of corrosion resistance in polyolefin and polyamide for screening elastic fillers temperature-resistant, anti-aging varieties, mixed with hydrophilic, adsorption, heat-resistant additives, the use of special wire drawing, silk thread manufacturing process, will be interspersed with silk strips in the corrosion-resistant, high-strength central rope. Because of excellent material selection and process formulation, rigid-flexible and moderate, so that the silk strip is a three-dimensional uniform radiation state, made a suspension of three-dimensional elastic filler monomer.

Filler in the effective area can be a three-dimensional omni-directional evenly stretched cloth, air, water, biofilm get full infiltration contact exchange, biofilm not only can be evenly implantation on each silk bar, maintain good activity and void variability, and can be in the process of obtaining large specific surface area. Compared with the rigid honeycomb filler, three-dimensional elastic filler has the advantages of large porosity and no blockage; compared with soft filler, the material life is long, the bonding group is not sticky, and the surface area is large, the film is fast and the cost is low compared with the semi soft filler. Therefore, the filler can be confirmed to be a variety of hard type filler, soft type filler and half soft filler after the fourth generation of efficient energy-saving novel filler.

At present, it is used in the Hydrolytic acidification section of refractory organic matter treatment to improve the biodegradability of sewage.

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