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Points For Attention In Inclined Tube Filler
- Aug 13, 2018 -

1, because the proportion of inclined tube filler is less than 0.92, the application of 10mm rebar or round steel bar is fixed on the top of the filler, to prevent its loosening up, reinforcing steel and angle iron are all used epoxy coal asphalt anti-corrosion.

2, diagram a plate must be installed, or very easy to cause inclined pipe filler tilt, and even collapse!

"Hot Connect Method"

On-Site Preparation:

1, hot connection power supply, cable preparation;

2, ready to 500W electric soldering iron 2;

3, the operation personnel in place, the guardianship personnel in place

4, inclined tube filler after the completion of large volume will occupy a large space, advance reserve stacking site;

Hot Connection operation:

1, open the inclined tube packing package, will be the first oblique tube filler flat on the ground, take the second oblique tube filler placed on the first piece of filler, check the oblique tube filler incision, must ensure that the 60° angle, and a hexagonal honeycomb, check the correct after the start of hot bonding joints;

2, in the diagonal tube filler at both ends all plane contact all want to hot, the two sides two plane joint seam place request to scald more than four points, in the double inclined Tube packing plane intermediate request welding above four points, guarantees the welding to be solid;

3, hot to pay attention to the operation of the rhythm, control the temperature, hot connection points must not be omitted;

4, each inclined tube packing as a separate hot connection unit, hot after the completion of the site in neat stacking;

5, Midway rest must cut off the electric iron power supply, and to safely place;

Security matters:

1, in the contact hot when the need to pay attention to life safety, to prevent burns, electric shock;

Sedimentation Tank Bizigou

Sedimentation Tank Bizigou

2, hot connection operation requires at least two people in the presence of, mutual assistance, cooperate with the operation;

3, Hot connection operation requirements in the open space, the construction must have a guardian;

4. There shall be no inflammable articles in the hot spot, and there must be fire-fighting facilities present; 5, the occurrence of accidents, timely reporting, emergency timely alarm.