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Technological Advantages Of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
- Aug 13, 2018 -

(1) High volume load, compact province especially for the existing sewage treatment plant (facilities) Upgrade the effect of significant, do not increase the land area only to the existing facilities simple transformation, sewage treatment capacity can be increased 2-3 times, and improve the quality of effluent. The Moving bed bio-membrane technology occupies an area of 20-30%. (2) strong impact resistance, stable performance, reliable operation. The influence of impact load and temperature change on the flow-bed process is much less than that of activated sludge method. The biofilm is very strong when the sewage ingredient changes or the sewage toxicity increases. (3) Mixing and aeration system is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The aeration system adopts perforated aeration system, which is not easy to jam. The agitator uses the banana type stirring blade, the outline contour line is soft, does not damage the filler. The whole agitation and aeration system is easy to maintain and manage. (4) There is no blockage in the biological pool, the capacity of the biological pool is fully utilized, no dead angle. Because of the mixing of fillers and currents in the entire volume of the biological pool, the blockage of the biological pool is fundamentally eliminated and the Chijong is fully utilized. (5) flexible and convenient. The flexibility of the process is embodied in two aspects. On the one hand, you can use a variety of pool type (depth and radius can be), without affecting the processing effect of the process. On the other hand, it is very flexible to choose different filler filling rate, to achieve both high efficiency and long-term expansion of the scale of treatment without increasing Chijong requirements. For the modification and upgrading of the original activated sludge treatment plant, the fluidized bed biofilm process can be easily combined with the original process, forming the activated sludge-biofilm integrated process or the fluidized bed activated sludge combination process. (6) long service life.

High-quality and durable bio-fillers, aeration systems and effluent devices can ensure that the entire system for long-term use without the need for replacement, low depreciation rate.