Lamella Plate Clarifier for Wastewater Treatment

Tube settler filter media, lamella plate clarifier for wastewater treatment helps to improve sedimentation in water and waste water treatment plants. Different executions support a better process and cost reduction of the plant.

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The lamella plate clarifier is a device which can seperate the solid in the water under gravity . Its working principle is based on the shallow water theory, sedimentation tank's sedimentation effciency is only related with the sedimentation area. In the lamella sedimentation tank , the sedimentation area is the sum of the horizontal projection of all inclined plates . The practice of this theory makes the lamella sedimentaion tank occupy area less 90% than the traditional sedimentation tanks , doubling increase sedimentation effciency . 

It is kind of high efficient combined type settling tank;set many dense inclined tube settler media in sediment area, to make the suspended impurity in water sediment, water rise flow along inclined tube, the separated sludge down to the tank bottom along the inclined tube by gravity, then discharge it in concentration. Such tank can improve sediment efficiency 50~60%, it can improve treatment capacity 3~5 times in the same area. It can design different flow rate inclined plate sediment device according to raw waste water test report, it need dose flocculant usually. 

It’s widely suitable for the industrial waste , sanitary sewage , coal mine pit sewage , the non – ferrous metal processing waste water . Power plant , Bolier room water power dust removal waste water , Liquid – Solid of coal gas station washing . Also suitable for the pretreatment of the water purify .


Working Process of Lamella Plate Clarifier for Wastewater Treatment


Waste water flow into flocculation tank after add coagulant aid

Waste water flow into lamella clarifier by feed box

Waste rise flow along inclined tube,suspended impurity in water settle down.

The separated sludge down to the tank bottom along the inclined tube by gravity,then discharge  by sludge hopper.

The clean water rise flow along flow distribution orifices and concentrate in discharge flumes

When the water is enough ,they will overflow ,then realize the separation of solid-liquid.


Equipment Features

1. Capacity 5-120m3/h

2. Efficient treatment of high concentrations of solid waste water (grit , clay , lime , metal particles )

3. The smallest floor area , maximum capacity

4. Install both in indoors and outdoors ( but the ambient temperature needs above 0℃ )

5. Slope sedimentation tank can create a good laminar flow envirinment , to achieve better precipitation effect

6. Intensive design , minimize the hydraulic interference caused by wind or temperature changes

7. Suitable for on-site unattended automatic continuous operation

8. Life time of carbon steel material >10 years ; life time of stainless steel material >20 years

9. Supplied as a complete unit for easy installation



1. Simple structure, without wearing parts, wear well, decrease maintenance

2. Steady operation, easy operation, small power, save energe, Footprint reduce about 90% compared with a settlement tank.

3. Up to 10 m2 of settling area per square metre of ground area

4. Short retention time, high sediment efficiency, no sludge backflow.



1. Electroplate effluent contain many kinds of metal ion, Cr, Cu, Fe, Zn ,Ni etc remove rate all above  90%, after treatment, all can reach discharge standard.

2. Coal mine, mineral processing waste water all can make the turbidity from 500-1500 mg/L reduce to 5 mg/L.

3. Printing and dyeing, bleach and dye etc effluent chroma removing rate reach 70~90%,COD remove rate 50-70%.

4. Tannery ,food etc industrial sewage COD remove rate 50~80%, impurity solids remove rate above 90%.

5. Chemical waste water COD remove rate 60~70%, chroma removal rate 60~90%, suspended solids reach discharge standard.

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