PP Lamella Clarifier

PP lamella clarifier, open chanels for wastewater treatment and drinking water purification. high projected sedimentation surface with low footprint, very low costs.

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Product Description

PP lamella clarifier by ethylene propylene copolymer material. A sedimentation section with reasonable sedimentation distance is set up in the upper part of the sloping plate, and the geometric shape of the sloping plate is controlled in the lower part to form a stable contact flocculation section in the lower part of the slanting plate. By contact action and shallow pool precipitation mechanism, and water separation purposes.



Features of PP Lamella Clarifier

1. Significantly reduce the spacing between the inclined plate, thereby greatly improving the utilization of precipitation space.

2. Because of the small Reynolds number, it can effectively suppress the hydraulic pulsation, thus greatly reducing the negative influence of the disturbance of the flow detail on the alum sedimentation.

3. Uniform water distribution, short-circuit does not occur.

4. Because of the structural optimization, the high-efficiency inclined plate sedimentation equipment has no lateral restraint, and is more favorable for the alum sedimentation separation.

5. Slope plate fill mud area and sludge area is equal to the area of mud is the ordinary multi-inclined pipe, a substantial increase in the sediment sludge load.


Why Choose PP Lamella Clarifier

1. Open chanels for wastewater treatment and drinking water purification.

2. High projected sedimentation surface with low footprint,

3. Modular system makes a quick on site construction possible

4. Very low costs

5. Variable length of the lamellas to 6000 mm

6. Licenced for drinking water

7. No energy costs

8. The lamella clarifier is used for the gravimetric separation of solids and liquids.


Fields of Application

1. Primary clarification of wastewater

2. Drinking water purification

3. Surface water treatment

4. Preliminary areation (increase of SS) and/or relief of the sedimentation tanks

5. Sedimentation tanks

6. Solids and liquids separation

7. Humus settlement

8. Wet scrubber and slaking effluents in the power industry

9. Thickening processes in the chemical, mining and mineral industries

10. Treatment of effluents in metal finishing, and iron and steel plants


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